Twas the Night Before the World Cup

Twas the night before the World Cup and in houses, flats and squats,

There was a mood of excitement, well, not from the Scots.

Flags were waving in every window, every street,

And every moment was recorded by an OptaJoke tweet.

Rooney and Crouch were both ready to go,

Emile was told to avoid sitting on Jermaine Defoe.

Alone Ashley Cole was reciting one of John Barnes’s raps,

And Fabio was pacing, cursing the paps.

The English always believe now is their time,

But in reality maybe they’re past their prime.

Could Maradona or Brazil throw a spanner in the works?

Or are they all part of Rio Ferdinand’s Mercs?

England may be playing, but many of the World’s players are not,

No Ballack, No Essien, No Mikel, not a Scot.

No Zanetti, No Nani,

and even Drogba is crocked.

Will someone shine, somebody new?

We will soon find out, as talent shines through.

Get ready for the puns, the cringes and clichés,

The moment we’ve all be waiting for, to borrow a phrase.

At OptaJoke we’ve got it all, from Tweets to Pods and chat,

It’s mostly incorrect, but what’s the problem with that?

A lot like the Hondurans, North Koreans and Greeks,

We’re here for the ride, but we’ll last longer than 2 weeks.

And even now we eagerly count down to the kick off,

Although, not the Scots, even Paul Dickov.

The next month, without doubt, will be a delight,

Enjoy the World Cup, and to all a good-night!

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