Optajoke Fantasy Football

With the new Premier League season fast approaching, Optajoke have opened up a fantasy football league for all you wonderful people to join to take on the ‘brains’ of Optajoke…

Naturally, we haven’t made our own fantasy football system up, but rather used the excellent official Fantasy Premier League game which can be found here – Fantasy Premier League

No doubt most of you will have used the site before, but if not it’s easy to get started, and then a nightmare to decide on a team!

The code for the Optajoke league is 59915-102287 – once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the ‘Leagues’ link which you can find on the right of the page. Then enter the code 59915-102287 to join the Optajoke league. Simples.

The 2010/11 season starts right here…who knows where it’ll take it us, but when you’ve got a fantasy football team, that game between Fulham and Stoke on a November evening could be all that more important for the West Brom fan who’s got Matthew Etherington and John Pansil in their team!

Fantasy Premier League

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One Response to Optajoke Fantasy Football

  1. Rory Cheevers says:

    Hey – Could be up for the fantasy league. Although played the Metro game during the World Cup and have to say I think it’s much better. For the Premier League game they have got a similar system for transfers and subs which is one of the things I like most about the official one. They have also got the ability to check your fantasy points live during games wghich is a really cool feature and you can all put some money into the pot for a mni-league and Metro will hold the money for you until the end…

    If anyone’s up for joining check out http://fantasyfootball.metro.co.uk

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