100 days of Optajoke

Did you know (and if you didn’t, you do now) that the humble Optajoke is already 100 days old, having been born in May 22nd – which many football geeks out there will recognise as the date of Champions League Final for the 2009/2010 season – it was seen as a parody, and somewhat of a respectable tribute, to the popular statistical Twitter pages that provide us with interesting and informative stats on the game we love.

In that time, what first became a simple idea among a group of mates has already escalated into a favourite of thousands of Tweeters, and has provided a Podcast which has broke into the iTunes Top Ten alongside professional sporting outfits…of course, the Optajoke team receive no money for what they do but if you’re willing to sponsor us then email optajoke@googlemail.com please! We also accept bribes for favouring certain teams in particular if you’d like us to…

Here’s Optajoke in numbers since it’s birth…


4 – Howard Webb is the 4th bald referee to oversee the Champions League Final. Kojak.


9 – Number of lives saved by David Beckham during his trip to Afghanistan. Hero.


86 – Of those watching the BBC, 86% agree Mick McCarthy talking is “considerably worse” than the sound of vuvuzelas. Irritating.


18 – If every French revolt resulted in an 18-match ban then Les Misérables would have been very different. Bastille.

And now for some more statistics on real life from the past 100 days since Optajoke appeared upon our computer screens…

7 – According to passionate Americans, the BP oil spill has spread to a size 7 times bigger than that of planet Earth. Hyperbole.

2,060 – The Coalition Government have been at ‘breaking point’ 2,060 times in the past 100 days. Con-Dem.

15 – 15 universities have begun teaching ‘Optajoke studies’ across the UK in an attempt to avoid the ongoing debate of ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees. Education.

51 – Percentage of Australians who think it’s a good idea to have a Welsh-housewife as Prime Minister. Election.

700 – Despite being trapped 700 metres below ground, the Chilean miners know it could be worse as they don’t support West Ham United. Morale.

…And finally, and most importantly, thanks to you – The Twitterer, the blogger, the web-surfer, the pod-listener, the word-of-mouth spreader, the football fanatic, the humoured individual – for discovering Optajoke. Here’s to the next 100.

100 – Despite being 100 days old, Optajoke still has 1000’s of ‘stats’ to provide the general public. Informative.

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