12 Days of OptaJoke

Seasons greetings fans of OptaJoke!! While you prepare to tuck into copious amounts of dry turkey and unnecessary boxes of chocolate, the good people here at OptaJoke are preparing for your entertainment over the festive period the “12 Days of OptaJoke”.

No prizes for guessing this will be a lot like the song of a similar name, but each day between Boxing Day and the 6th January we will be providing you with something new each day on this very website – from our regular podcasts and cult favourites such as Toppo’s Top Tens, we’ll also be humorously reviewing the Premier League team performances so far, suggesting where the smart money lies in the betting market for 2011 and looking back at those now infamous 20 Questions players from our podcasts.

So, keep an eye out for this very site in the next few days. Put it in your favourites. Store it in your bookmarks. Save it as your Homepage. Whatever you do, be sure to make the OptaJoke site you’re first stop everyday during the 12 days of Christmas…or indeed, 12 Days of OptaJoke.

While you wait for the 26th of December to arrive, in the meantime you can subscribe to the OptaJoke Podcast on iTunes here if you haven’t already and catch-up on the banter. If you’ve only just discovered us, then what have you been waiting for!?!

In addition you can also subscribe to our YouTube page to watch all the various funny, inspirational and downright brilliant footballing videos we talk about here.

12 – The 12 Days of OptaJoke will be arriving here soon. Festive.

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