The 10 That 2010 Forgot

That was the year that was and all that. But who were the real heroes and villains of English football in 2010 I hear you cry? Fabio Capello? Wayne Rooney? No, people far more obscure but potentially as important…you’ve just forgotten their name, or in some cases, didn’t even realise they existed.

While you scratch your brain at who could I mean, think about the big stories of 2010 in great depth. Look beneath the stories, performances and results and these 10 people played a big part.

I could have picked ‘obvious’ names, but where’s the fun in that?! The names you may not recognise or remember, but the stories you certainly will.

To avoid stealing the thunder from Toppo’s Top Tens, I’ve listed them purely in alphabetical order…

Andrew Andronikou

The Club Administrator at Portsmouth who not only spent as much time on Sky Sports News over a couple of weeks in March as Jim White does on Transfer Deadline Day, but also oversaw the moments when a Premier League club nearly went out of business for the very first time. The club were saved, and despite being relegated, lived to tell the tale. Just.

Andrew Jennings

The journalist who fronted ‘that’ episode of Panorama, which looked into the suspect underworld of FIFA. Personally, I don’t think we’d have won the bid anyway although this not only damaged our bid, but also shattered it into thousands of pieces. The premise of the documentary if you’ve not seen it was this little old man shouting at FIFA delegates from across the road and then looking at lots of paperwork in his office…you get the feeling if someone like Louis Theroux had done it, he would have visited their house at least.

Barney Francis

The Managing Director of Sky Sports, who had the say in removing Sky Sports News from Freeview. Hundreds of thousands of people wept at not waking up to see Millie Clode on a daily basis, while those with the money to afford a Sky Sports subscription laughed at their pity.

Boy Lornsen

A German children’s author who died in 1995. Don’t worry, I’m not plucking from real obscurity here, but Herr Lornsen wrote a poem called “Der Tintenfisch Paul Oktopus” and promptly this is where Paul the Octopus’ name came from. Without it, he may have been called a terrible fish-based-pun name…Cod forbid.

Faouzi Chaouchi

Algeria’s goalkeeper at the World Cup. After pulling off a howler almost as bad as Rob Green’s in their match against Slovenia, he kept a clean sheet against us, and then in the 90th minute against USA, he bravely dived to block a low cross which unfortunately rebounded to Landon Donovan who scored to win the match. If he had held onto the ball, the USA would have drawn that match, England would have topped the group and played Ghana rather than Germany in the Last 16…things could have been so much different.

Fiona Smith

Fiona is Weymouth Sea Life Park’s Head of Animal Care – According to my basic research, she was responsible for Paul the Octopus’ upbringing in England until he moved to Germany. Perhaps she’s the real psychic one…

Mauricio Espinosa

The Uruguayan linesman who missed Frank Lampard’s goal against Germany. Argue what you like about the final score, had we come from 2-0 down to 2-2 at half-time, the mindset of players and the counter-attacking goals from Germany in the second half probably wouldn’t have happened as they did. Yes, we would have lost of penalties instead.

Pavlos Joseph

The fan who walked into England’s dressing room and into brief, fleeting stardom on World Cup programmes for the next few weeks – all he wanted to do was go to toilet, and it ultimately cost him £65 thanks to a South African court. Never again shall I complain about paying 20p in Waterloo station.

Rob Swire

Manchester United’s Chief Physiotherapist. So what? I hear you cry – well after a busy year of treating Owen Hargreaves, Owen’s surprising comeback made one of the biggest headlines of the first half of the 2010/11 Premier League season…and he promptly lasted 5 minutes before getting injured, again.

Vanessa Perroncel

It’s nearly been a year since ‘that’ super injunction was lifted and John Terry began unravelling an England side primed for the World Cup. Wayne Bridge became the forgotten, forgotten man of English football shortly after the headlines died down and but Miss Perroncel and her sidekick Max Clifford will be remembered.

And there you have it – the 10 that 2010 forgot. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief trip down recent memory lane and remembered some of these pivotal moments during the past 12 months…Don’t worry, I know you’ve forgotten some of their names already, haven’t you?!


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