OptaJoke ‘Previews’

***In this series of blogs, OptaJoke member Carl McQueen goes ‘back to the future’ and utilising his selection of vintage Premier League Merlin Sticker Books, he ‘previews’ a team’s chances for that forthcoming season…therefore written as if the season had only just begun, rather than looking back with hindsight and saying what a great/awful team it was…***

OptaJoke ‘Previews’… England’s Euro ’96 Squad – The year when we all hoped football was coming home – England were hosting a major football tournament and the country believed this team could end 30 years of hurt…

OptaJoke ‘Previews’… Liverpool 1994-95 – After a set of years of relative disappointment by Liverpool standards, hopes were high at the start of this season with Roy Evans in charge and an exciting line-up in hand…

OptaJoke ‘Previews’… Manchester United 1995-96 – The team known to the world as “Fergie’s Fledglings”; this was the season after they’d missed out on the league title to Blackburn Rovers and new blood was in the team…

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