The Accumulator Series

One member of the OptaJoke team – Dan Bunker – will this season be going through the trials and tribulations that many of us go through on a Saturday afternoon in graphic detail. To be precise, he’ll be trialling various accumulator options during the course of the season to see if he gets any closer to finally becoming a millionaire. From just going with his gut instinct, to relying on betting on his mate’s teams to win, he’ll explain the highs and lows of every Saturday afternoon he tries a new format out…

WARNING: If, by any miracle, Dan wins an incredibly large sum of money, we still don’t recommend you try this at home! Gamble responsibly and all that…

An Introduction to the series:
The Accumulator Series – An Introduction… – Allow Dan to warn you about the trials and tribulations of this series…

Bet Number 1:
Going With The Gut… – Just get a pen, a betting slip and select teams wildly…

Bet Number 2:
The Wacky Accy – Select more teams than has ever been considered before…

Bet Number 3:
The Christmas Special
– Just in time for the festive fixture list, Dan attempts to make the season of goodwill a profitable one…

Bet Number 4:
The Friendship Accumulator – Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer…Dan tests out how the other members of OptaJoke can win him money…

Bet Number 5:
The Form Guide – This has to be sure-fire win doesn’t it? Betting on the worst teams in the form tables to lose…


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