Toppo’s Top Tens

Over the course of the season, Steven Toplis from the OptaJoke team will provide you with his musings of footballing life in lists of 10. From wonder goals to footballing nightmares, his Top Ten lists will make you laugh, cheer and even cry if your team was on the receiving of it.

Below is the list of all the Top Tens that Toppo has been through, and where you can find out why he’s picked who he has…

36 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Moments of the 2010/11 Season – The season is finally over and Toppo takes stock and looks back at the best moments of the last 12 months in his final Top Ten of the season…

35 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Great Escapes – After Wigan’s last-day survival, Toppo looks back at some of the greatest team efforts to dig themselves out of the drop zone.

34 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Worst Singing Footballers – Toppo pays homage to those football superstars who’ve tried (and failed!) to break into the music market!

33 – Toppo’s Top Ten…FA Cup Finals – With arguably the biggest day in the English football calender just a few days away, Toppo looks at the greatest matches the FA Cup Final has produced.

32 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Title Run-ins – We’ve reached the ‘squeaky bum time’ part of the season when champions are decided…as Brian Moore once said, “it’s up for grabs now!”

31 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Long-Range Screamers – He’s done great solo goals, goals from the halfway line, volleys and overhead kicks, but now it’s time for Toppo to find ten genuinely awesome ‘screamers’…

30 – Toppo’s Top Ten…FA Cup Semi-Finals – After the weekend’s semi-finals at Wembley saw Man City and Stoke City prevail, Toppo looks through the archive at ten of the greatest last-four matches from this competition.

29 – Toppo’s Top Ten…All-English European Ties – Manchester United versus Chelsea in the Champions League Quarter Finals was the latest all-England affair in Europe – here Toppo picks out the best of these encounters.

28 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Goals From The Halfway Line – After Dejan Stankovic’s excellent 45-yard effort for Inter Milan against Schalke, Toppo picks out some other truly remarkable long-ranged efforts!

27 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Solo Goals – He recently looked at the greatest team goals ever scored, well this week Toppo looks at the best selfish efforts!

26 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Goalkeeper Gaffes – After yet another mistake from an Arsenal goalie, Toppo has compiled this list to show not only Gunners make mistakes!

25 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Team Goals – If ever you wanted a definition of the beautiful game, sit back and enjoy these fine examples of teamwork culminating in truly great goals.

24 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Goalkeeper Goals – The rarest of rare occurrences – when the man in charge of stopping goals going in manages to find the net at the opposite end of the field.

23 – Toppo’s Top Ten…League Cup Finals – Very few pundits saw Birmingham’s victory over Arsenal coming in this year’s League Cup Final – Toppo has had a look through all these show-piece matches to find the best ones ever.

22 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Headbutts – After Gennaro Gattuso was banned for headbutting Joe Jordan, Toppo has a look through some of the great Glasgow kisses from the footballing world.

21 – Toppo’s Top Ten…One-Twos – Some of the best attacking football comes from effective give-and-gos and for anyone who appreciates offensive play they are a joy to watch – here’s the best ones.

20 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Comebacks – Following Newcastle’s incredible 4-4 draw with Arsenal, Toppo finds 10 of the greatest backs-against-the-wall performances from teams who were seemingly down and out.

19 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Expensive Transfer Flops – After a ridiculous January Transfer Deadline Day, Toppo looks at 10 big money signings who didn’t match their price in the Premier League.

18 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Football Theme Tunes – The definitive list of 10 great pieces of music that make the beautiful game even more beautiful.

17 – Toppo’s Top Ten…Penalties -Despite England’s heartbreak from 12 yards at most major tournaments, there is some joy to be had for the humble penalty – here’s 10 of the best ones ever.

16 – Toppo’s Top Ten…League Cup Semi-Finals – The first leg of this seasons League Cup Semi-Finals took place in the second week of January – Toppo looks at some great last-four matches from this competition.

15 – Toppo’s Top Ten…FA Cup Third Round Upsets – With the footballing purists favourite weekend of the footballing calendar on the way, Toppo picks out ten great upsets from the Third Round of the FA Cup.

14 –  Toppo’s Top Ten… Moments of 2010 – As the year draws to a close, Toppo picks out some of the biggest things to happen in the footballing world these past 12 months.

13 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Manchester United v Arsenal Clashes – As two of the biggest teams, not only in England but the world, face each other in the Premier League, Toppo looks back at some of their classic matches.

12 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Promising English Youngsters – Think English football is doomed? Toppo makes you think again by offer these 10 bright hopes of the English game.

11 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Hat-Tricks – After Dimitar Berbatov bagged 5 against Blackburn, here’s a list of some of the greatest 3 goal (or more!) performances.

10 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Open Goal Misses – In Pod 25, the lads looked at one of the greatest open goal misses of all time…Toppo’s found 10 of them however!

9 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Counter Attack Goals – The ultimate breakaway goals from some of the most clinical teams ever.

8 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Late Goals – The sheer jubilation of the last minute winner – some of the most memorable goals of all time.

7 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Own Goals – In Pod 21 of the Optajoke Podcast, the lads talked about Richard Dunne’s unwanted own-goal record – fear not Richard, you don’t make this list!

6 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Headers – Even goalkeepers can score goals it seems…

5 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Football Nutters – Subject of debate in Pod 16 of the Optajoke Podcast – footballers who were quite simply crazy.

4 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Bust-ups – One of the most embarrassing things if it happens to your team – two team-mates going at it hammer and tongs!

3 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Volleys – For lovers of the beautiful game!

2 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Managerial Appointments That Went Wrong – Who says all great players can become great managers? This list proves it…

1 – Toppo’s Top Ten… Overhead Kicks – Some of the most eye-catching goals of all-time – from international superstars…to obscure players from the Israeli league…

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1 Response to Toppo’s Top Tens

  1. Mike Aldridge says:

    Alright lads, listening to Pod 24 and couldn’t help but bring to your attention one of the best counter attacking goals of all time. Scored by Eric Cantona, a third goal of a 3-1 win over title rivals Norwich City at Carrow Road in the very first premier league season. Having gone 2-0 up inside 19 mins through Giggs & Kanchelskis, Norwich were trying to get back in the game by pressing for a goal after just conceding, but then a spectacular run when the ball fell just outside the United Box to none other than Paul Ince. He sprints past 3 players in quick succession, with Giggs & Cantona available for the through ball, he chooses ‘The King’, who neatly sidefoots it in the top right hand corner off the post, to the amazement of the Sky commentator as well as the Norwich Fans, as we were 3-0 up after only 20mins.

    A fond memory from my ‘Goals Goals Goals’ video of 101 of the best goals of the 1992/93 season (as Carl Mcqueen among others will be aware of). Even more amazing was that this was in April 1993, so it was almost a title decider, you don’t see that happen in any of the big games during April/May these days!

    Look forward to seeing the Top Ten! But without this goal it will undoubtedly be a ‘weally weally poor’ selection!



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